December 14, 2010

Ninette Miller: Hillsboro Artist

Artist Ninette Stocker Miller smokes a cigarette as she looks on at a Bengal tiger that she painted in her Hillsboro home. Ninette studied drawing at the New England Conservatory in Boston in 1887, before she moved to Hillsboro.

You can still see the creation at the General Store Cafe on main street. It's on the west wall, near the back of the cafe. This image was taken by her husband, George T. Miller before he died in 1909. She owned the store until her death in 1949.

Ninette Stocker Miller, artist, druggist, Hillsboro postmistress. Photo Black Range Museum
Here's a younger Ninette, taking aim, taken near her home in Minnesota. Like nearly all early Hillsboro residents, mining brought George T. and Ninette Stocker-Miller out west. George was employed by his father-in-law, Henry Davis Stocker, VP of Standard Gold Mining Company, based in Minneapolis.

Ninette Stocker lays a side-by-side over a tree stump, probably taken in Minnesota. Photo courtesy Pam Thompson