June 7, 2011

Gangs Violence in Hillsboro -- 1961

The El Paso Times reported it -- gang violence in Hillsboro. Trish Long, the El Paso Times' archivist posted this copyrighted newspaper story on her blog, Tales from the Morgue


April 22, 1961
Rival Bootlegger Gangs Battle In Hillsboro
Armed with clubs and whisky bottles, rival bootlegger battled on the main street at Hillsboro, N.M, over the ownership of a load of liquor, it was learned in El Paso, Wednesday.

Broken heads, bruised bodies and the loss of most of the liquor, which was used as ammunition, was the total casualties in the battle.

Henry Railston, star witness in the Hot Springs, N.M, conspiracy cases tried at Albuquerque, N. M. last year, was trailing the source of the whisky Wednesday. Railston is a prohibition officer.

The battle is reported to have begun when the Chihuahua settlement gang hijacked a load of liquor from the Main street gang in Hillsboro. Frightened by the crashing of glass, citizens ducked into doorways and alleys as the fight progressed.

The battle ended when the Chihuahua settlement gang withdrew from the field. ______________________________________________________

This begs the questions, who were in these gangs, and are these participants still living? What became of Henry Railston, and are there photos out there documenting this event? --Craig Springer