June 4, 2010

Nana the Apache

Nana, pronounced Naw-Nay, a Warm Spring Apache leader took the U.S. Cavalry on a circuitous route that went through Hillsboro in 1881.  Nana, an arthritic 75-year-old and his band of about 40 men alluded hundreds of soldiers, killing an estimated for 40 to 80 people.

Nana blasted through Gold Dust, a tent camp northeast of Hillsboro, then skirted Hillsboro. He was pursued by citizens and soldiers, led by Lt. George Smith from Ft. Cummings and mining engineer, George Daly near the site of Lake Valley.  Both were killed by the Apaches in Gavilan Canyon, Smith's body grossly mutilated.  Lake Valley was originally called Daly, later called Sierra City before the name it's known by today.  Nana's band continued on, making their way into Mexico.

"Nana's Raid" a book by anthropologist Stephen Lekson is a well-documented read about the historic event.

Photo National Archives and Records Administration.

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