July 28, 2010

Camp Boyd ca 1885

Here's another look at Camp Boyd (aka Camp Hillsboro) taken between 1885 and 1886. The military were stationed at Hillsboro to protect the town from depredation by Apaches. Photo courtest Matti Nunn

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  1. From Jerry Eagan:
    I've wanted to do an article on the Apache history of Hillsboro, Kingston. I've talked w/Sonny Hale & visited a rock art site or two with him.
    I've asked more than once if he knows where the"McEvers Ranch" was located in Sierra County. These & Camp Boyd, would be sufficient for an article in the "Desert Exposure: Camps & Forts" subseries. I'd come over, if we could visit:
    Camp Boyd;
    McEver's Ranch;
    Maybe even the Animas Creek fire fight site @ Hermosa. Maybe I could get a good rate on staying overnight w/my wife.
    At any rate, I'm pretty locked into known articles until May, so it would need to be after that.
    Also, a trip into the Sibley's would be good, if anyone knows where the roads are. Same thing for the huge mountains one sees on the road from Silver City to Hillsboro ... those that aren't on Bason Cox Ranch.
    Like the photo of troops @ Camp Boyd.
    Jerry Eagan