April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sierra County

On April 3, 1884, Hillsboro businessman, postmaster, and territorial legislator, Nicholas Galles, succeeded in creating a new county, called Sierra. The people of what is today western Sierra County, were then back in the day, parts and parcel to Dona Ana, Socorro, and Grant counties. The need for a local government that was, well, more local, was expressed as early as two years after Hillsboro's 1877 founding.

Thirty-Four, published in Las Cruces, editorialized the need for a new county surrounding Hillsboro, in this issue dated November 19, 1879.

Seeking self determination, they got it, championed by a man who you might say was self-determined. Galles seemed to succeed at all things he laid his hand to. But that's another post some other time.

Nicholas Galles championed the creation of Sierra County in the New Mexico Territorial Legislature in 1884. Photo courtesy Mark B. Thompson III
Sierra County, you're 127 years old, and looking pretty good. -- Craig Springer

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