August 21, 2012

This is Pinteresting -- Union Church and the NM History Museum

Perhaps next to the Sierra County Courthouse ruin, the Union Church is probably Hillsboro's most recognizable architectural landmark.  Its steeple is certainly the tallest manmade object in town.

The New Mexico History Museum, an active participant in Pinterest, recently posted this image on that web site. If you visit Pintrest, type "Kingston" in the search box, too.
Union Church, built 1892, on Elenora St. Hillsboro NM.
Palace of the Governors Photo Archives 067561.

It was taken by David Sullenberger in 1976.  While for some readers, that recent of a year may not seem long enough ago to be "historic," the image arguably offers a look of how the building appeared then, compared to now --- and there's not much difference.  And one can argue that that's a good thing for this grand brick building nestled high on Elenora Street.

The property was once owned by Justice Frank W. Parker. Perhaps we'll have a history of the Union Church some day soon. The Hillsboro Historical Society possesses historic deeds and organizational papers of the church, thanks the Rev. Russ Bowen, a current pastor.

If you hanker for something really historic, then you will appreciate this image from inside the Union Church.  Here again, doesn't look much different than it does now.  If you know who this preacher is, do let us know via the comments section found below each posting, or email me.  -- Craig Springer

Inside the Union Church in Hillsboro, New Mexico. These chairs are still used every Sunday for two services.  The clergy's name and photo date are unknown. Black Range Museum